For local outreach please visit Pueblo Brain Science  

International: Founder and Director of JKScientists - STEM For All 

Selected Outreach Events in New Mexico:

American Indian Science and Engineering Society Regional Conference participants visited the neural diversity lab on April 01, 22 

Pueblo Brain Science: Building Diversity in Neuroscience (Three Days workshop organized by Matt Clark and the FluGuy with generous funds from the Grass Foundation and National Science Foundation.

This was a fun workshop, 4 high school teachers, 10 high school students and 4 undergrads participated in this workshop. Day one was the gene expression module, followed by optogenetics and behavior analysis using 3D printed ethoscopes. On the last day, we did backyard brains on leech and humans. All the modules were hands-on and performed by the participants under the supervision of the course instructors. Thanks to Grass, NSF, Matt, instructors, and the participants. 

Selected pictures from Science outreach events held in Kashmir and Oregon

Sail Outreach

More Pictures HERE