Genomics, Neuroscience, and Fly links 

Why Fly?   

 12 TED talk on Neuroscience

Brain Science Podcast

Max Planck Brain Podcast

Secrets of the Brain

What is an emotion?

Fly Book

Fly as a disease model

Play online neuroscience game

Fly Tools TRIP

Fly Base

Fly Noble Lectures 

Drosophila Stock Center

Vienna Stock Center

Drosophila Genomic Resource Center

Fly Light Janelia

MiMiC Stocks Bellen Lab

Brain Trap

Fruit Fly TF Binding Specificity

Virtual Fly Brain

Fly move

Fly mine

Brain gazer

Drosophila for Schools

TRiP Stocks Harvard

Designing CRiSPR guide RNA's

UCLA Undergrad Research teaching

DRSC Integrative Ortholog Prediction Tool





Ortho MCL

Gene Ontology

Train Online Genomics

UCSC genome browser introduction

Gene to function

Fly Book

Dissecting fruit fly brains

Fly pushing 101


Microscopy basics - iBiology lecture series

How to make publication-quality figures

Image analysis course 

Microscopy training

Cryo EM

Python for microscopy beginners 


World Neuro Talks

Charlierose Brain Series

Drosophila Brain Dissections 

Larval Brain Dissections

Adult Brain Dissections

Illustrator for beginners

Advice For Young Researchers

Science as a career 

Reasons to choose science as a career

Perspective/advice from Ron Vale 

Ben Barres (How to pick a graduate advisor)

How to find a job

How to write a good cover letter

How to make a good C.V

Sample Cover letters and CV formats 

Successful PhD application 

How to write a cover letter for a Postdoctoral position

Cover letter/CV sample

How to give a good talk

Writing a research plan

Making CV, Drafting emails - NIH

Small lab or Big lab for a postdoc 

Planning a successful research career

planning a scientific career

Negotiating a Job Offer

How to overcome failures in science

Tips for Young Scientists on the Junior Faculty/Independent Investigator Job Search

Industrial Postdoc 

How to network at conferences

Training how to @NIH

Grant writing 

Writing successful  grants

Sample grant 

Sample Grant - NIH

Sample F32 grants 

Grants cheat sheet

Funded Master programs

Avoiding Plagiarism

Data Reproducibility 

Ethics and data reproducibility 

Fellowships and international students 

For Undergraduates 

Undergraduate scholarships that don't require Nationality 

Paid undergraduate summer internships

For UNM Students database for funding-mentoring

Database of various funding opportunities

Travel grants

science ambassador scholarships for women

Postdoc early career fellowships

Useful links  for  research students

How to write a paper

How to discuss your research plan with a mentor 

How to discuss your research plan

Developing a research question

How to create high-quality images for publication  

How to review a paper

Ten common statistical mistakes to watch out for when writing or reviewing a manuscript

Inspiring scientific interviews and talks

Allen Brain Science Seminars 

Ron Vale Keep your eyes on the prize


John Gurdon

Eric Weischaus

Hiroshi Hamada

Huda Zoghbi

Mike Bate

Kavli Institute talks

Morphogenesis talks

Systems biology talks


Nurturing Science

Christoph Koch National Geographic - Mapping the brain